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    Introducing a brand of clean cosmetics consisting of only bare essentials for goodness that go beyond makeup.

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Is Your Skin Getting The Best?

About 60% conventional cosmetics are found to contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and lead. We believe in keeping ours simple by taking away the unnecessary to create naturally-derived products that are gentle enough to suit all skin conditions.

Choose 100% Pure Minerals

Our breakthrough formula consists of 100% pure premium-grade Australian minerals, botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants to create makeup that do so much more. Infused with therapeutic properties, our cosmetics help calm and soothe the skin while accentuating natural features. Experience beauty that goes skin deep for the first time.

made in australia made in australia
made in australia made in australia
Face Troubled skin condition? Not a problem for our 100% pure premium-grade Australian mineral cosmetics. Designed for maximum coverage that feels amazingly light, the formulation delivers therapeutic benefits to prevent breakouts and skin irritation. SHOP FACE
Lips Intense hydrating benefits for sensitive, dry and darkened lips with one swipe of our wonder lipstick. Enriched with mineral pigments, power botanicals and antioxidants for therapeutic benefits your lips will love. SHOP LIPS
Eyes Draw attention to the eyes with an alluring gaze that not only looks good, but feels amazing too. Infused with power botanicals to smoothen and revitalise the delicate eye area for a dramatic look that stays. SHOP EYES
Powder Sunscreen Perfect to be used over or under any makeup application, the lightweight powder goes wonderfully translucent for a natural shine-free finish. SHOP NOW

Our Most-Loved Bestsellers

Premium Mineral Foundation Premium Mineral Foundation
Premium Mineral Setting Powder
Premium Vegan Lipstick Premium Vegan Lipstick
Our Story

Our Story

Proudly vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, KISS mineral advocates in creating clean beauty. Made in Australia, our kindness philosophy ensures we use only 100% pure premium range, non-harmful ingredients that are safe and gentle for all skin types.

Trusted by dermatologists and medical doctors, we believe in creating a brand of feel-good cosmetics - products to help women look and feel their greatest.