How is KISS mineral different?

  • Only 100% Pure Premium Mineral Ingredients

    Nothing but pure and natural minerals without fillers, zero synthetic ingredients, non-toxic, preservative-free, totally hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic — WE PROMISE! We use only approved standards of highest grade of 100% pure and natural minerals in all our products. Particles of the mineral ingredients will only adhere to your skin without getting into your pores meaning no clog pores thus no breakouts. Look flawlessly beautiful anywhere and anytime!

  • A Healthy Makeup

    With no heavy metals such as lead or mercury in our makeup, you no longer need to compromise health for your beauty. In fact, our makeup contains Zinc Oxide, a natural sunscreen that has therapeutic properties that will instantly soothes and calms the skin. Look healthier with KISS mineral!

  • Gentle to All Skin Types

    Most conventional makeup contains toxins like methylisothiazolinone (MI), which can cause dangerous allergic reactions like rashes, lumps, blisters, itchy eyes and facial swelling. With 100% pure and natural ingredients with zero toxins and zero synthetic ingredients; KISS mineral makeup works well on all skin conditions and types without the fear of any adverse skin reactions. Feel good and look fabulous!

  • Trusted by Medical Doctors

    From dermatologists to wellness clinic practitioners, medical doctors have proudly recommended our products to their patients. Moreover, we are the official makeup brand for Malaysia’s largest skin and laser centre, Dr KO Skin Specialist.

  • Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free

    KISS mineral products does not contain any animal and insect ingredients at all, including animal and insect by-products. We don’t even include carmine, beeswax or lanolin. Our products are also absolutely not tested on animal.


  • I've sensitive skin and I can't put any makeup on my face.

    Thanks to KISS mineral I can wear make because it's so light and it is suitable with my skin.

    - Robiatul Adawiyah Binti Ujud, 22, Slim River, Perak -

  • I really love your product as I am very aware of chemical affects.
    That is why I am looking for chemical free make up...and I found KISS Mineral.

    I am not afraid if my daughter want to have some as it is a medical doctor's approved set.

    - Wan Noorzaidani Wan Mohd Zain, 34, KL -

  • I am elated to have be recommended this brand by my doctor and even more ecstatic that it is something that finally works. 

    Gentle on the skin, allowing it to breathe yet does it's job to cover all the imperfections.


    - Yvonne Yeoh, 41, Petaling Jaya -