15-minute romantic look for Valentine’s Day


1.Prepping your skin

Before you start off with your makeup, it is recommended to ‘prime’ your face with your regular skincare routine. Also, it is best to apply the Premium Vegan Lip Primer at this time so it can start doing its magic while you do the rest of the makeup!


2.The face

With a face brush, brush the Premium Mineral Foundation onto your face in a circular motion. You can start from the T-zone and work your way outwards so you don’t miss any spot. The trick here is to apply thin layers until you get the coverage you are looking for.


3.The brows

If you’re pressed for time, you do not want to spend too much time doing the eyebrows. One of the reasons why Beautiful Eyes Kit is really recommended is because it doubles up as an eyebrow sculpting kit, besides its primary function as eyeshadow. Just fill in your brows a little with the Beautiful Eyes Kit in the code Quiet Violet. For more refined eyebrows, you can fill the end edge of your eyebrows with the code Smokey Seductress. It will only take about a minute and you’ll look more prepared if you get your eyebrows done.


4.The eyes

Pearly, peach colour eyeshadows are in trend. Using the Beautiful Eyes Kit, simply apply Life’s a Peach as a base or if you’d like to go for a more nude colour, opt for Lush Blush instead. If you prefer a romantic Smokey look, you can add a touch of Smokey Seductress to the crease and a little to the outer V of the lid.

Next, with the Mineral Liquid Eyeliner, dress up your eyes with cat eye. This look works wonders to enhance the appearance of your gorgeous peepers while offering some serious sass for a remarkable look. Finish up by curling your lashes and applying Mineral Fiber Mascara for a gorgeous no-clump volumizing effect.



You would want to focus on the apples of your cheeks when it comes to blusher. The Premium Mineral Blusher is available in 2 colours; Just Think Pink and Sunset in Miami. Opt for Just Think Pink for a pretty soft pink colour to complement the look. Sweep a tiny bit of the blush onto your nose and chin as well so you’d appear more natural and flushed.


6.The lips

In the code of Lavender Pink, swipe the Premium Vegan Lipstick evenly onto your lips. A peachy lip and subtle smokey eye look pretty during the day, but downright magical by candlelight. Just the romantic look you are looking for on this special day! If pink or peach is not really your colour, don’t sweat it! You can browse through our 16 available shades suitable for different skin tones.



Make sure you don’t leave out the Brush ON Block® Mineral Sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to filter your overall UV exposure and reduces your risk of skin cancer and sun damage.


8.Finishing the look

For the finishing touch, brush on a thin layer of Premium Mineral Setting Powder all around the face avoiding the eye and lip area and voila! Your makeup will last longer and the appearance of your pores should be minimised. Remember! Do this gently so you don’t smudge the eye and lip makeup.


Nothing could go worse than streaky, uneven, unnatural-looking foundation. The solution to most makeup faux pas as such is simple.

Blend, blend and blend!

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