Common lipsticks contains lead and other harmful ingredients that will badly affect your health and gives you chapped and cracked lips. Therefore, choosing lip products with safe ingredients and moisturising benefits are your best healthy choice.

What is our Premium Vegan Lip Primer and Premium Vegan Lipstick?

Our range of lip products are made from 100% natural, safe and non-toxic ingredients. Packed with

  • Castor Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil for deep intense moisturising and healing effects.
  • Carnauba and Candelilla waxes are excellent for moisturizing dry lips and incredibly soothing.
  • Our Premium Vegan Lip Primer contains botanical pigments whereas our Premium Vegan Lipstick contains mineral pigments, which are both natural and safe colour additives


Do You Know?

  • Lead filled common lipsticks are harmful because with continuous usage will lead to accumulation of Lead that bind to your organs; hence may cause infertility, hormones changes and heart diseases.
  • They also contain other toxic ingredients which strips lips moisture and make your lips chapped and cracked.
  • Initially, people tend to overlook KISS mineral Premium Vegan Lipsticks and or  Premium Vegan Lip Primer because of the perception of being costly and lack of awareness on the benefits of our safe ingredients.
  • Nevertheless, here’s why you should drop your current lipstick and choose KISS mineral Premium Vegan Lip Primer and or Premium Vegan Lipstick:
    • Made from 100% natural, safe and non-toxic ingredients.
    • Provide your lips with deep intense moisturising and healing effect.
    • Premium Vegan Lip Primer contains botanical pigments whereas Premium Vegan Lipstick contains mineral pigments; that are both natural and safe colour additives.
    • And the colours will ensure to make you look extra vibrant and dazzling on your new soft, smoother and healthier lips.

Other benefits…

  • Rich with antioxidant, soothing and calming properties.
  • Therapeutic effects for all lip conditions.
  • Perfect lip moisturizer.
  • Improves the lips elasticity and elegance.
  • Combat visible signs of lips ageing.
  • Rejuvenate discoloured lips in 60 – 90 days.
  • Contains natural tocopherols (vitamin E) to maximize anti-oxidant and lipid peroxidation.
  • Lightweight and non-waxy texture.


Result that you will celebrate as fast as 3 days

  • Soft, smoother and healthier looking lips
  • And the colours will ensure to make you look extra vibrant and dazzling on your new soft, smoother and healthier lips.

How to apply?

  1. Using the angled side, glide the lip primer carefully from the centre of the upper lip towards the corner and glide down across bottom lips following your natural lip shape. *Note: Recommended to apply twice daily, one before bedtime for faster result
  2. Apply lipstick in the same way as lip primer.


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