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At KISS mineral, our makeup go beyond the expectations of conventional cosmetics. Created for all genders and all skin conditions, the formulations are gentle yet powerful enough to beautify and improve complexion over time. Freedom to be beautiful, whenever you want it.

Home of 100% Pure Minerals

A beauty staple since the ancient times, women have been painting their skin in earth pigments thousands of years ago. The purest form of cosmetic to exist, this unique method remains largely unchanged until today. Sourced from deep within Australia’s nature, our 100% pure premium-grade minerals are fully mined and processed to the highest quality standards available. Learn More

Trusted and Clean Formula

Using only top range, non-harmful ingredients that are good-for-skin, our unique formula consists of combining pure Australian minerals with luxurious botanical extracts to further enhance its therapeutic properties. With a heritage that spans over a decade, we are proud to be the only 100% pure mineral cosmetic brand to be trusted and recommended by dermatologists in Malaysia.

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