The makeup demo station with a complete range of KISS mineral’s products is all prepped and ready to go.

Guests are starting to trickle in, warmly greeted by our friendly receptionist with a complimentary Beauty & Wellness Pack.


Our attendees in the midst of sampling the products.

Last Saturday saw an intimate gathering between KISS mineral users, makeup aficionados and wellness enthusiasts. After collecting their complimentary Beauty & Wellness Pack, our guests were then ushered towards the makeup demo station where they had the opportunity to sample our full range of products and experience the wonderful benefits first-hand.


After guests helped themselves with the delectable teatime treats, our evening was off to a running start. Kicking off the agenda is none other than an up-close and personal session with one of KISS mineral’s founders, Mr. Chan. Entertaining us with quirky anecdotes of commonly asked skin care questions, he also shared some incredible transformation photos and experiences of current users, further cementing KISS mineral’s status as the safest cosmetic brand for any skin condition and skin type.


Mr. Chan sharing the origins of KISS mineral with the attendees.


Dr. Ginny educating guests on the hidden dangers
of skin pigmentation.

One lucky winner of a beauty aesthetic treatment, sponsored by Klinik Dr. Ginny.


Then, it was time for Dr. Ginny’s session to take over. Starting off with an eye-opening segment on skin care maintenance methods, she also shed some light on a common skin problem experienced by most women—skin pigmentation. It was a relief to us all when Dr. Ginny revealed several ways to treat pigmentation holistically, through simple lifestyle changes and natural makeup choices among the few of them. Capping the segment with a lucky draw session, three winners were lucky enough to walk away with laser beauty treatments, courtesy of Klinik Dr. Ginny.


The wonderful team from Breast Cancer Foundation at their pop-up booth.


Puan Nani of Breast Cancer Foundation sharing some useful tips on breast self-examination.

Guests listening intently at Puan Nani’s presentation.


The evening was then followed by a brief sharing session from the Breast Cancer Foundation, a frequent collaborative partner of KISS mineral. Puan Nani, the Manager of Media & Communications, graciously shared with us some of their inspiring community work to raise awareness, support and empower those who are affected by breast cancer. The guests were also educated on simple detection methods in conducting breast self-examinations from the comforts of home.

Kres Kuang demonstrating his makeup magic using KISS mineral’s products.


Our guests simply can’t get enough of Kres’s presentation; which he later demonstrated in detail again to attentive guests.

Then, it was time for the most anticipated segment for the evening—a makeup demonstration by the makeup maestro himself, Kres Kuang. Carefully highlighting on proper buffing methods when it comes to mineral powder application, he also followed up with some helpful makeup pointers to further enhance one’s natural features. By the end of the demonstration, our guests were marvelling at the amazing transformation process with KISS mineral products, courtesy of Kres’s swift strokes of makeup mastery.


Ms. Pris with one of the selected lucky draw
winners for the evening.

Guests striking a cheeky pose together with
Mr. Chan at the photowall.


The evening eventually came to an end with one final round of lucky draw, where several lucky guests found themselves winning some exclusive KISS mineral goodies. Our attendees were then rounded up for a group photo, and left with wonderful memories and invaluable skincare knowledge from the day.


Our lovely attendees cheerfully posing for a group photo with the speakers of the day, marking the end of a wonderful evening.


A heartfelt thank you to those who made the time and came to our workshop last Saturday—we hope you’ve had a delightful time with us. Stay tuned for more exciting events coming up, and we’ll see you again very soon!

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