Beauty for a Cause: Pink October Fundraising

In conjunction with the Pink October month, KISS mineral collaborated with the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) once again to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer last year. Launching an exclusive sitewide promotion for the whole month of October, KISS mineral had successfully contributed 5% of the total online sales to the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF). On top of that, customers with purchases of RM196 and above were also eligible to redeem a FREE Eco Canvas Bag & Natural Bamboo Straw as a token of appreciation.

To further drive the fundraising effort, KISS mineral and Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) jointly hosted an exclusive sharing session to raise awareness on breast cancer. Held from 18th to 20th October 2019 at our Beauty Experience Store in Melawati Mall, the special event saw the attendance of several invited guests from both organisations, as well as a number of interested passers-by at the mall.


Pink October setup in KISS mineral Beauty Experience Store at Melawati Mall


The pink ribbon pin given to eligible customers as a show of support to the cause and to show solidarity towards cancer fighters.

Aligned with our efforts in showing support for the cause, every pink-coloured item was offered an exclusive 10% discount, where the proceeds were channeled to the Breast Cancer Foundation. That includes Premium Vegan Lip Primer in the shade of Pink Flamingo, Premium Vegan Lipstick in the shade of Lavender Pink and Premium Mineral Blusher in the shade of Just Think Pink.

Breast Cancer Foundation’s booth setup at KISS mineral Beauty Experience Store

Our attendees were really interested with the explanation on breast self-examination delivered by Ms Nani from BCF.

The customers were educated on the hows of conducting breast self-examination

At the Breast Cancer Foundation’s booth, attendees were given exposure to breast cancer symptoms and how to detect them. Ms Nani educated the attendees on the steps to do breast self-examination at home. Besides sharing empowering stories of cancer fighters, she had also shed some light on the Breast Cancer Foundation Patient Fund to help bettering the lives of those in need of financial assistance in battling breast cancer.

Ms. Priscilla in a sharing session with the attendees

Followed by an inspiring sharing session between Ms Priscilla and the attendees, this up-close session cleared up doubts in the commonly asked questions regarding KISS mineral products. Not only that, the attendees were also introduced to our full range of products and briefed on how KISS mineral can enhance their natural beauty without jeopardizing their health and safety.

We are most grateful to those who were willing to spend their time and money in realising this Pink October fundraising campaign. Stay tuned for more exciting events in the future, till next time!

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