A collaboration : KISS mineral x Savor of Life 

To embrace plant-based products and show that beauty and integrity can be synonymous, KISS mineral is collaborating with Savor of Life and dedicate this month to drive vegan awareness for our conscious consumers.

Sharing the same purpose in producing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle option, both KISS mineral and Savor of Life are offering 100% natural and vegan-friendly products.

*Purchase RM100 & above KISS mineral products and you will entitled
to receive RM15 OFF E-vouchers for Savor of Life meals.
*limited to 100 customer ONLY! from 16th August till 16th September 2021


Savor of Life is the first plant-based food delivery service that delivers all over Klang Valley, Chef-curated, Tasty & Healthy!

Click here to learn more about Savor of Life https://meals.savoroflife.com/meals/foods

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