Christmas is the season of joy, gift-giving, and of families united

1.  WHITE Christmas for HIM/HER (WHITE + Pocket Primer @RM99)

What more can you give for your special ones in this coming colourful, wonderful Christmas? Well, appreciate your loved ones by giving them the best skincare product there is. WHITE Christmas for HIM/HER Gift Box is the perfect gift for them.

Here’s 3 reasons why WHITE by KISS mineral is perfect for your face!

  • What does it do? Well, as a start, it can minimize enlarged pores, improve uneven skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten skin.
  • Other than that, it works as lightening agent. It can improve uneven skin tone and reduces different types of hyperpigmentation spots.
  • Who suffered from sensitive skin? Can’t use most of facial product out there? Fret no more, because this product also act as anti-inflammatory agent – help to normalize sensitive and eczema skin.

This WHITE Christmas for HIM/HER Gift Box consist of WHITE by KISS mineral and Pocket Primer by KISS mineral – a perfect duo for your face and your lips.

Our newly launch product – Pocket Primer by KISS mineral is a FUN POCKET SIZE lip primer and it act as moisturizers for your lips. So, dried, sensitive and chapped lips will turns into soft, moist and sexy lips as fast as 3 days.

Get that brighter skin and smooth lips for your most memorable, special Christmas for just RM99 only.

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B) Black Elegant (Pressed Foundation + FREE Pocket Primer @RM268)

For this coming special Christmas, let us bring joy to our loved ones with the best 100% natural mineral foundation and the best lip primer there is – Black Elegant Gift Box is the perfect Christmas surprise for your loved ones.

Here’s 3 reasons WHY KISS mineral Pressed Foundation is a must have:

  • It is suitable for all skin type and long lasting
  • Our Pressed Mineral Foundation is also lightweight and does not clog pores
  • Most importantly it has No synthetic preservatives, No synthetic coloring, and No unwanted fillers

Black Elegant Gift Box consist of KISS mineral Pressed Foundation – a foundation that is lightweight in nature, you won’t feel a thing on your face, and it safe for all skin type. Just the perfect gift for coming elegant Christmas. And it comes with Pocket Primer by KISS mineral for free! The best lip primer there is. All of this for just RM268 only.

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