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This 2-piece Trial Kit is the perfect starter pack for first-timers to the world of KISS mineral’s clean beauty philosophy. It consists of our bestselling 100% Pure Premium Mineral Foundation and Premium Face Brush that is specially designed to be used together.

The Basic Beauty Package

Everything you need for a flawlessly beautiful complexion - these two handy pieces are essential tools for an effortless natural makeup look that is wonderfully kind on the skin.
KISS mineral Premium Mineral Foundation (1g) x 1
Made from 100% pure Australian minerals, our signature foundation delivers a gorgeous matte coverage to calm, cover and correct imperfections. Suitable for all skin conditions.
KISS mineral Premium Face Brush x 1
Specially designed to be paired with our signature mineral powder makeup, the short and tightly packed premium synthetic bristles deliver just the right amount of product for a seamless finish.

Suitable For

Pregnant mothers

Sensitive skin

Health-conscious users

Any skin condition and problem

All skin types

(including oily, dry & acne-prone)

100% Safe & Gentle Formulation

Suitable for any skin condition & all skin types

Formulated with only 6 pure mineral ingredients, this foundation is proudly free from any harmful toxic, chemical and synthetic substances.



Mineral oil




Does not clog pores & cause breakouts

Calms breakouts & soothes the skin

Blended with a selection of anti-inflammatory minerals such as zinc oxide, the nourishing formulation helps to calm redness and skin irritation for a healthy-looking complexion.

Comfortable Lasting Coverage for Flawless Skin

Lightweight with oil control

The finely-milled powder adheres to the skin’s surface and soaks up excess sebum for a silky matte finish.

Water & sweat-resistant feature

Pure minerals act as a protective shield for the face due to their natural resistance to water, resulting in a longer-lasting coverage for the user.

Only 100% Pure Mineral Ingredients

Conventional Makeup

  • May contain only small amounts of pure minerals 
  • Much of the ingredients used are harmful chemicals
  • Uses synthetic colouring and fragrances

Natural & Mineral-based Makeup

  • May contain only 20% to 40% minerals, while the rest are synthetic fillers
  • Mixed with other ingredients that may be harmful

  • Consists of 100% pure premium minerals
  • No fillers, synthetic and harmful chemical ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

Made From 6 Australian Minerals


Calms redness of the skin


Offers SPF24 sun protection against harmful sun rays


Increases the radiance of natural pigments


Produces a brilliant reflective finish for a radiant finish


Excellent pigmentation properties to enhance colours


Control breakouts and sensitivity

Free from Toxic & Synthetic Ingredients

This mineral foundation is assuredly free from harmful preservatives, stabilisers and any kind of chemical substance. Strictly no bulking agents and fillers in our formula as well—only 100% pure premium-grade minerals.







Natural Blonde (MF4.5)

- Suitable for fair skin complexion.
Turn the Beige (MF07)
-  Our bestseller shade. Suitable for most Asian skin tones with a natural-looking coverage.
Moroccan Sand (MF13M)
- Suitable to create a nude makeup look. Provides natural coverage for dark eye circles and pigmentation.
Creamy Chocolate (MF17.5)
- Suitable for medium to tan skin tones.
Sweet Honey (MF21)
- Suitable to even out dark skin tones and to create a natural tan complexion.

How To Apply

1. Twist the sifter to open position and gently tap on the back of the jar three times. The amount dispersed on the cap should look similar to the picture.

2. Using the KISS mineral Premium Face Brush, gently press and rotate the brush to swirl the powder in.

3. The brush should ideally look like this with the powder finely dispersed on the brush head.

4. Start buffing the powder onto the face, starting with the nose and T-zone. Proceed to blend in circular motions for a flawless finish. Add extra coverage as desired.

What Our Customers Say

Trial Kit
12500 17800

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