Hey guys! How’s the WHITE challenge going? Okay, allow us to show you some of the testimony from our customer after using WHITE by KISS mineral. We gotta tell you – all of them are satisfied and very happy with the outcome!


Look at our customer’s post, @VMin Ong. She used it for herself first and convinced that WHITE can be the solution to her son’s acne problem. As you guys can see, there is remarkable results after her son use WHITE by KISS mineral.

Amazing right? The scar before applying WHITE is very visible, and after some time using WHITE, those visible scar faded and the skin looks more radiant than before.


Here, another one of our loyal customer’s testimony, @Marculta Jose about using WHITE by KISS mineral. Can you see the difference? The changes in the skin tone and radiance? I mean, come on guys! How crazy this product is?


Here’s another testimony of one of our campaign #14dayswhitechallenge participant – @Evander Sagoso on his experience using WHITE by KISS mineral. I mean, LOOK AT THAT! Those visible scar is gone! Not to mention that his skin looks fresher and smoother.

The result and benefits of this product can’t be denied from its effectiveness. Let us share with you a few more of the testimony that we include in this blog. Here goes:





There you go. How was it? This product is no joke guys! All we can tell you is that this product is made from 100% natural ingredient and it is safe to use for all type of skin. What this amazing product can do is gain instant radiant from first application, mimics sebum to control oil production, fades away unwanted fine lines and scars, preventing acne from appearing again. And it reduce enlarged pore size.

What more can you offer than a more radiant skin and dashing lips for your special ones.

WHITE and Pocket Primer now comes in a Gift Box promotion! Yes you know it – Christmas is coming to town! So, we guess you already have an idea of what to give to your friends and family for this joyous Christmas!

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