Our ingredients are 100% all natural and vegan-friendly, while our powder range is made of 100% pure minerals. It is contains no harmful fillers, heavy metals, stabilisers, coloring dyes, chemical fragrances, Talc & Bismuth Oxychloride, petrol chemicals and preservatives.

KISS mineral offers excellent sun protection with the combination of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. It naturally blocks the invasive sun rays with an SPF24 rating. Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide are the core ingredients in KISS minerals; they absorb the broadest spectrum of UVA & UVB rays and it is approved by the FDA as a sunscreen.

That’s a big yes! KISS mineral rarely needs to be touched up. KISS mineral is water resistant, so it will continue to provide flawless coverage and protection, even during and after your gym sessions. Or when you’re out under our hot local humid weather. Remember, just dab, don’t rub! Best of all, KISS mineral feels so light, you can hardly tell it’s on your skin. KISS mineral is made of natural minerals derived from the earth. These minerals are not only inorganic but they are also resistant to water. They act as a shield on your face that keeps bacteria from feeding the moisture in your pores. KISS mineral is not soluble in water so even if you put water directly on your face, the minerals will not absorb the water.

Cosmetic Makeup sensitivity is often the result of conventional cosmetic makeup. They usually contain irritants like chemicals, fragrance, dyes, preservatives and heavy metals. It fills and clogs pores, preventing your skin from breathing, which causes acne. It feels ‘heavy’ and wears out your skin, making it look aged and tired. KISS mineral on the other hand is safe and naturally masks skin imperfections. Be it sun spots, rosacea and acne, it gives you complete coverage without compromising the health of your skin.

Another absolute yes! KISS mineral works perfectly well with problem skin. Several users noticed a vast improvement with the health of their skin after switching to KISS mineral. KISS mineral is recommended by doctors, surgeons, and dermatologists. KISS mineral is perfect for all skin types including acne, rosacea, sensitive, oily and even skin that has underwent laser resurfacing treatments.

KISS mineral Premium Setting Powder works by absorbing your facial oil and it lasts throughout the day. It also gives you a more natural, sheer, shine-free finish. It doesn’t get cakey, so no worries there!

Yes, our products are gentle enough for any skin, including acne skin but it’s not a quick-fix or solution for acne. Going to the root of the problem will identify how you can manage acne skin.

The KISS mineral Premium Face Brush goes hand in hand with our makeup. It’s specially designed to be used with foundation powder and for hygiene purposes so they go really well together compared to brushes from other brands in the market. If you’re looking for brush, our KISS mineral Premium Face Brush is a great place to start 😉

The KISS mineral jars come with adjustable sifters. Just adjust the sifter according to the gap and turn the jar upside down with the lid on and give it a few knocks on a tough surface. This will usually dislodge enough powder for one use. Once you’ve done this several times, the rest of the product will come out easily.

All ingredients used in our formulations are created from natural minerals and mineral pigments that are carefully refined in laboratories to very specific standards set by the FDA and the European Cosmetic Directive. The pigments are free of dyes, carmine and other additives. Ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are pure untreated minerals – and only the purest ingredients are chosen.

Actually it’s INORGANIC. It is mineral-based and not plant or animal-based. That’s why KISS mineral doesn’t require preservatives or pesticides. It’s also naturally chemical free.

We use cosmetic-grade Iron Oxides and Natural Earth Ochre Pigments that are specially formulated. The minerals simply cannot be taken from the ground and crushed to be used directly. That wouldn’t be nice to your skin. They must be purified first to achieve a safe cosmetic grade. The process washes the minerals to strip away heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Yes, it is deemed safe for use in makeup or cosmetics. Cosmetic product aren’t allowed to use ingredients that have not been approved as ‘safe’ by the FDA/ TGA or EU Governing bodies. All our ingredients are FDA Approved.

Nano-particles are proven to enter not only the skin, but deep in your cells. The side effects of using products with nano-particle ingredients for long-term use have not been thoroughly studied so far, so we’d rather not use any nano ingredients.

Micronised ingredients do not penetrate deep into your skin. Nano ingredients do. We provide a range of cosmetic products which are safe and effective when used by consumers in accordance with their intended purpose and instructions for storage and proper use. These products are manufactured with materials which are measured 10 microns and higher (that’s really small, but not small enough to affect your cells). No nano-particles are used in the manufacturing of our cosmetics. We believe that nano-particles may interfere with the cell’s normal function.

Yes. If you are prone to breaking out, have sensitive skin and have chemical sensitivities, the gentle minerals in KISS mineral are even likely to be beneficial. In addition, minerals form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin rather than penetrating the dermal (skin surface) barrier as some conventional makeups do. KISS mineral also works well for both oily and dry skin, even skin that has underwent procedures like laser resurfacing treatments or chemical peeling. If you have sensitive skin, rest assured KISS mineral is bismuth oxychloride free and talc free.

You can expect your jar of KISS mineral Premium Foundation (5g) to last for at least 4-6 months. It could last less than 4 months if you regularly apply thicker makeup.

Yes. One of the best things about KISS mineral is their versatility. You can customise the foundations colours by simply combining them. Tweak a foundation by adding a little bit of another shade and adapt the color as you wish.

KISS mineral Premium Foundation contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. They are the primary natural ingredients which naturally blocks the sun at SPF 24. However, we still advise users go with sunscreen for better protection against the sun.

The actual culprit could be the brush you use. The way you buff and the cleanliness of the brush is also a big factor. Buff in a circular motion rather than poking or pointing the brush directly on the skin – the brush hair cuticles may cause you to itch from the impact on your skin’s pores. The KISS mineral Premium Face Brush is a great alternative. The sensation of buffing in a gentle circular motion actually feels soft and nice. Nevertheless, in order to take care the brush’s cleanliness, it can be washed every 2-3 months

  • The Period After Opening of color cosmetic is in measure of months, after which the cosmetic should be discarded because it will be compromised by exposure to air and other parasites introduced to the cosmetic product from the day to day use by the consumer.
  • 100% Pure mineral cosmetics do not carry bacteria, because there are no liquids, waters & oils or other chemicals inside. However, a consumer may at times use the cosmetic against the suggested instructions (eg: by dipping a damp applicator directly into the minerals). Or licking a brush instead of using a primer, as so forth. This, you can’t monitor nor control or measure.
  • The Period After Opening for all these loose mineral cosmetic powders are technically 36 Months. However it is more common to reduce this period for safety reasons (listed above)
  • All loose mineral powders- 36M-18M
  • Mineral Lipstick- 6M
  • Mineral Pencils- 6M
  • Mineral Mascara, Tints- 3M

The Period After Opening is a legal requirement for cosmetics sold in the EU. This information can be depicted by “PAO36M” or more commonly by the Jar symbol followed by the months eg: 36M.

To ensure your wellbeing, we believe that honesty have information which can protect the right of consumer. There are some common warnings we should have used over the past decade on these blends.
KISS mineral Premium Powder

  • Discontinue if irritation or Discomfort is experienced.
  • Do not store above 27 degrees
  • Do not place a damp applicator into your jar. Keep Dry.
  • Tap powder into lid and use applicator.
  • Avoid contact with clothes or porous surfaces.

KISS mineral Cosmetics Products

  • Do not store above 27 degree.
    • Store in a cool place.