Say goodbye to your full-coverage foundation because ultra-glow and healthy-looking skin is back in style now. After more than a year of skipping makeup- thanks to our empty social calendars, 80% of 16–34-year-olds are excited to put on makeup again, according to a new study from L’Oreal Paris. However, having got used to a minimal way of doing things, we are now embracing natural look more than ever.

Prep work

We know you are getting tired of hearing this but we cannot stress this enough – prep your skin! Get your skin to its utmost best condition so you will be able to pull off any makeup look you desire. A perfect and healthy skin is a great canvas. However, it does not happen overnight, so you need to start building a good skincare routine as soon as possible. You would be surprised how much easier it would be for you to create a natural look with just a thin layer of makeup.

Arm yourself with the right makeup & tools

Your powder foundation should be made from safe, non-comedogenic ingredients and lightweight in texture. These significant features will leave you worry-free about clogged pores and any other possible side effects it might give to your skin. Your powder foundation should also have water resistant properties so that you can wear your makeup until the end of the day.

And our customer’s favorite pick is here for it- KISS mineral Premium Foundation. It is a fresh wash of lightweight coverage that evens out skin without masking it entirely. It gives a decent amount of coverage without feeling thick and pasty. In whole, it helps us cheat gorgeous, glow and dewy skin with just a quick sweep.

Your basic routine

The steps for natural makeup require a specific routine and may vary for each person. These are the basic sequence for you to follow or use as a guideline:

1. Cleanse your face to remove any dirt. Apply toner for reduce the appearance of pores. Apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

2. For oily skin, apply KISS mineral Premium Setting Powder as a base followed by KISS mineral Premium Foundation. Apply setting powder again to set the foundation. For dry skin, apply powder foundation and set it with setting powder.

3. For spot correction, apply the same powder foundation to (conceal them).

4. Do sculpting such as contouring if only necessary. Just make sure not to overzealously sculpt your face so that you do not look very different.

5. Apply KISS mineral eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow liner, blusher and lipstick wherever that is needed.

A word regarding timeless natural-looking makeup

Natural makeup takes a minimalist approach, using products to enhances your best features rather than covering your blemishes. The best natural-looking makeup will highlight your best assets, whether that’s flawless skin, pretty eyes, or voluptuous lips. Natural makeup will look different on everyone, which is the beauty of the style.

However, it certainly has some benefits that include less time, less product, and simpler techniques. It’s an excellent option for casual days, lazy mornings, or when you’re running behind schedule.

P/S: Another great features of KISS Mineral beauty products is that it is clean and minimalistic up to a point where you can sleep in it.



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