Be careful of the ingredients which listed in your lipstick is more toxic than you can imagine.

Perhaps we wipe off the lipstick before we have food, but by applying lipsticks we already lick on our lips while talking, drinking coffee or tea without aware of it.
Despite the beautiful packaging we really need to go through the ingredient list. By the way do you read before your lipstick ingredients? Never mind by knowing below few common ingredients enough to make you understand how to choose your SAFE lipstick.
Lanolin- is sheep oil which to protect the wool. It is good for dried lips. But if over dose it may cause poison like swelling lips and cause rashes and headache too!

Synthetic dyes it is always not encourage to apply, mind as well go without lipstick if you cannot find one without synthetic dyes

Preservatives by BHA- many food and cosmetic contains of it and as it still high toxicity if we didn’t place our lipstick in cool place replace this risky ingredients by natural tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Toxic Heavy Metal- derived from synthetic colouring, and fragrances it cause not only darken lips but high risk of causing imbalance of hormonal level with frequent headache, obesity too!

Saccharin- Women loves sweet this Saccharin is 100 to 300 times sweeter than white sugar! Highly recommends to void pregnant women, children and infant as over dose some reactions included of headaches, breathing difficulties, diarrhoea and skin problems.
Mineral Oils doesn’t actually do anything for your skin. It just sits as a layer on top of your skin protecting it from the atmosphere. Meaning your chapped lips aren’t going to get any better!

Now we understand why frequent headache is not normal as it might be a sign of allergic or poison. KISS mineral vegan lipstick come with natural dyes from mineral colours where rest assure we are 1 step away from heavy metal. Beside giving you the beautiful colours we replace Lanolin, BHA, Saccharin, and minerals oils by
Jojoba Oil
Premium grade minerals

Now you can KISS with safety!
Here is the link for you to understand more!
Click here

No synthetic colouring
No Preservatives
No synthetic Fragrances
No Heavy metal

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