About 60% conventional lipsticks contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and lead.*

*Study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Does your lipstick contain any of these ingredients? More often than you think, dangerous chemicals and heavy metals are commonly present in conventional lipstick products. They may seem small in numbers but these toxic compounds accumulate over time with every application, further exposing the user to toxic absorption and dangerous health risks.


How Do Toxic Ingredients Affect You?


As a regular make-up user, do you experience dry, cracked and darkened lips? These are common signs of toxic synthetic ingredients present in your lipstick that is causing such side effects.

Pregnant Mothers

Heavy metals in conventional lipstick risk being absorbed into cells, along with potential ingestion during eating and drinking. Unknowingly, pregnant mothers may be passing lead poisoning to their unborn children that in turn may affect fetal development.


With body and immune system still in developing stage, kids are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals. Small exposures through skin-to-skin contact may risk the child to side effects such as learning difficulties and hormonal changes.

Choose Safe, Choose Natural

How are we different compared to conventional lipstick products? Our Ultra-Light Premium Vegan Lipstick is free from toxic and synthetic ingredients such as heavy metals, paraben, mineral oils and phthalates.

We use only 100% pure natural ingredients formulated from premium-grade Australian minerals and a luxurious blend of nourishing botanicals. So you’ll get a product that actually feels as good as it looks. Gentle enough to suit all lip conditions.

Our Super Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide

Iron Oxide


Jojoba Oil

Shea Butter

Carnauba Wax

Castor Seed Oil

The All-Natural Wonder Lipstick

100% good, 0% toxic. Infused with pure botanical goodness for nourishing and hydrating benefits your lips will love.




Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Our Premium Vegan Lipstick is formulated to be lip-friendly – suitable on any lips such as cracked lips, chapped lips, eczema lips, dry lips, sensitive lips, allergic lips and darkened lips. The wonderful formulation delivers vibrant colour on the surface while our super ingredients penetrate deep into cells to calm and provide therapeutic effects for all lip conditions.





Proudly vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, KISS mineral strives for beauty with a heart and conscience. Formulated in Australia, our mission takes us deep in the wilderness where we uncover a wealth of natural goodness in the form of premium Australian minerals and pure botanical ingredients. With a strict philosophy to use only top range, chemical-free ingredients that are good for you, you’ll fall in love with our 100% natural cosmetic products that are gentle and safe for all skin types.

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