IT IS COMPATIBLE FOR ALL TYPE OF SKIN! (Please don’t read that in angry tone, but in excited tone, okay? Ehe)

Okay, jokes aside, let us talk about the first main ingredient – the Ethyl Macadamiate. Sound so sophisticated right? Basically, it’s an extract of macadamia seed oil. It is commonly used in most premium cosmetic products (but we use it better), thus why it is at a premium price. And using this premium ingredient, it is very good for the skin – On skin, Ethyl Macadamiate softens and conditions the skin. This plant-derived ingredient is use as an alternative substitute for silicones due to it imparts emollient, skin-softening properties without giving the greasy feel which higher amount of silicones can have. What a great ingredient to have in your facial product right?

Alright, let us talk about the second ingredient. Wait for it, it’s getting better guys – Jojoba Esters. Hands up if you ever heard about this ingredient. No? Me neither, before I work with KISS mineral. Please bear in mind that this is pronounced as “Ho ho ba Oil”, “Not Jo Jo Ba”, okay? Since I know about this, it is my obligations to share this with our beloved KISS mineral users, because you guys deserved to know. What does this Jojoba can do? Well, it creates a protective layer that prevent the skin from drying out. Its antibacterial/ antifungal properties makes it suitable for acne and sensitive skin. There you go, those who have that acne and sensitive skin problem, please don’t think much and grab this KISS mineral Pressed Mineral Foundation.

Ehem. Last but not least, the third ingredient in our awesome pressed foundation is Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – it is the most stabilize vitamin E for skin, and it is a potent antioxidant agent in fighting free radical to slower the aging process. Girls, I know we face with this fear sooner or later – wrinkles and fine line. It’s a nightmare! Thank God that this pressed foundation contains this awesome ingredient in it.

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These three great and awesome ingredients work well together and complements each other in a product. I bet that you must dying to know what it can do basically right? Well, let me spill the tea – it leaves a FLAWLESS FINISH on your face. Not to mention that it produce a natural look finish. What I mean is, this pressed foundation can cover your fine line and wrinkles BUT, usually when we hear about a foundation that can do this, we know that it’s going to feel heavy on our skin – not on this case. Our Pressed Mineral Foundation has its lightweight properties and feels invisible on your skin. How awesome is that??

It’s like a treasure chest in makeup world! We KISS mineral only wish our customers to get their natural base product to solve their skin problem. Because, beside beauty, we too care about your health in using beauty product. XOXO

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