Complete Beauty Session Day 1& 2

Group 1 Held on 3rd August 2022
Group 2 Held on 4th August 2022

Two group of Media Prima news presenters attended our Safe and Clean Cosmetic Workshop, Class 002: Complete Beauty Session, which was held on 3rd and 4th August 2022. This is where we giving them the overall insight of what KISS mineral product is all about, and how to look elegant and presentable in a quick swish and swirl.

This workshop was held at our newly rebranded Performance Hall, the inner core of Beauty Experience Centre (BEC). A total of 16 Media Prima news presenters were involved, and they were thrilled like us, to know more about KISS mineral.

We were so nervous but excited at the same time. Right upon their arrival, we ushered them to their respective seats and served them with vegan lunch and their own personal notebook with their name printed on it.

After their light lunch, our emcee kickstarts the day with welcoming speech and the introduction of our main speaker, Miss Priscilla Ooi, the co-founder of KISS mineral and the only powder makeup expert in Malaysia!

Priscilla Ooi (Co-founder of KISS mineral) Powder makeup expert in Malaysia

Azwaliza Azman – “KISS mineral adalah produk yang selamat, kerana ia diperbuat daripada bahan-bahan semulajadi dan ia sangat bagus, terutama untuk kulit saya yang sensitif, dan ianya sangat sesuai

Here’s our favourite part of the day; Miss Priscilla spill the tea of tips and tricks for using KISS mineral makeup for both work and daily casual look. There’s one thing for sure, no detail, no matter how small, were left out during the session!

Priscilla Ooi teach how to conceal on Ong Ching Yee

She also shares several transformation photos of our current users who had suffered from skin-related problems, where it is shown to proof that KISS mineral product is a safe and clean makeup.

The day became even better when we surprised them by giving them our sample of limited edition Rose WHITE by KISS mineral, so they can experience first-hand the superb benefits Rose WHITE has to offer!

Ong Ching Yee is curious what’s the hype about Rose WHITE

LIssa Yang (Media Prima 8TV news presenter) “Brilliant. I really love KISS mineral because to be honest, I came here bare-faced. Now look at me (elegant and presentable look)”

Lissa Yang before and after makeup using KISS mineral makeup

Our guests were thrilled and honoured when some of them were chosen to be models for makeup demonstration by Miss Priscilla. With more than a decade experience, she effortlessly transforms the chosen models from bare-faced into stunning and presentable look in nick of time!

During this very session, there’s an outburst of questions keep coming from the curious news presenters as they watch the makeup demonstration, creating a mindblowing and impromptu Q&A session.

Q & A session

When we ask one of the news presenters, she said “When can you get the chance to ask whatever you want from the mineral makeup guru herself, right?” Well, she’s right!

Nik’s before after makeup ” I am surprised to find that KISS mineral makeup doesn’t trigger my sensitive skin”- Nik Nur Shuhadah

As much as we love indulging the happening moments with our guests, so does the time. Following the next cue from our emcee of the day, Miss Priscilla was invited to do the honours of presenting each one of our guests a Certificate of Completion. Last but not least, interview session, official photo-shoot and selfies to conclude Class 002: Complete Beauty Session.

Day 1
Day 2

Ahmad Barr (Media Prima TV9 news presenter)

I think KISS mineral products are the safest product for me to put on my face, even I can bring it to sleep without regrets

We, KISS mineral, believed that now our guest has a better understanding of what KISS mineral product truly is, and how they can used it to achieve presentable and elegant looks on daily basis and in front of national television. With the nature of KISS mineral philosophy – Safe and Clean makeup, we ensures that they can use KISS mineral without worries and side effects!

After all, #ICHOOSESAFE as the voice of KISS mineral; giving them the assurance and peace of mind while continuing giving their best in presenting news and information to us all. – KISS mineral.

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