Congratulations, you are getting married!
After all the money you have splurged on your dreamy wedding dress, stunning venue and perfect caterer, you have decided to save some cash and do your own wedding makeup. Plus, we are in the midst of a pandemic, so it is a pretty good decision to go Do-it-yourself (DIY) on this one. It could be nerve-wracking because hey, it is your wedding day and you do not want to mess up your big day. Fret not, we are here to take the stress off you a bit and give you some great tips and tricks for you to look like a bridal goddess.

Prep work

Prep your skin way ahead of time. If you think it is already too late; don’t worry and do it anyway. Getting a perfect skin leading up to your wedding day is essential to create a seamless and effortless look. You know what they say, a perfect skin is the best canvas for your makeup. Create and build a basic skincare routine is the first step for you to achieve a perfect skin.

Arm yourself with the right makeup & tools

Work up the right makeup tools are crucial to get your desired makeup look. Quality makeup products are mostly affordable, but we highly recommend for you to invest extra on a high-definition powder foundation and any additional products that ensure your makeup holds up and stay on all day long – so you are always photo-ready and keep you picture perfect.

Your powder foundation should be made from safe, non-comedogenic ingredients and lightweight in texture. These significant features will leave you worry-free about clogged pores and any other possible side effects it might give to your skin. Your powder foundation should also have water resistant properties so that you can wear your makeup until the end of your wedding day (or night!).

High-definition powder foundation such as KISS mineral Premium Foundation is highly recommended for brides with the same goals. This Premium Mineral Foundation is finely milled and made to have lightweight texture, with safe and non-comedogenic formulation, as well as water and sweat resistant properties. After application, flawless and radiant finish with brilliant reflective effect can be seen on your skin- ready to be the bridal goddess you were made to be.

Your basic routine

When doing your own wedding makeup, consider taking your time and not to rush it off. Here are some basic routine and steps you can follow or use as a guideline to create your wedding day makeup.

1. Cleanse your face to remove any excess dirt. Apply toner to reduce the appearance of pores. Apply moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

2.For brides with oily skin, firstly apply KISS mineral Premium Setting Powder as a base followed by KISS mineral Premium Foundation. Apply setting powder again to set the foundation. For brides with dry skin, apply powder foundation and set it with setting powder.

3.For spot correction, apply the same powder foundation to conceal them.

4.Do sculpting such as contouring if only necessary. Just make sure not to overzealously sculpt your face so that you do not look very different.

5.Apply KISS mineral eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow liner, blusher and lipstick wherever that is needed.

A word regarding timeless brides

Makeup trends are fun and you can incorporate some into your wedding day look but don’t overdo it. Always remember- less is always more.

P/S: Another great features of KISS mineral beauty products is that it is clean and minimalistic up to a point where you can sleep in it.



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