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STEP 1 - Prep your skin

Always clean and moisturise your face when you start, especially if you have dry skin. The mineral powder adheres to the natural oils on your skin, so if your face is too dry, you can’t pull off your best look. Make sure your moisturiser is fully absorbed so the powder won’t cake.

KISS mineral contains minerals, so if you’re used to liquid foundation to moisturise your skin, start a habit of using moisturisers first. The dryer your skin, the more you have to moisturise. Extra tip: If your skin gets a bit dry during the day, you may need a richer moisturiser. Create your own tinted moisturiser by mixing a bit of KISS mineral Premium Foundation powder with your moisturiser. For best results, just mix what you need for one application.

STEP 2 – Conceal for a flawless start

We recommend applying a concealer first before the foundation, to start with an even and flawless skin, especially under the eyes. But just apply lightly on specific areas, or all around your face. Then blend it seamlessly with the rest of your look. Getting the perfect balance may require a little trial and error but that’s part of the fun. You can skip this step if you have no blemishes on your skin.

Extra tip: KISS mineral Premium Foundation has a 2 in 1 effect. It conceals areas like dark spots, dark eye circle and acne marks. Apply with KISS mineral Premium cosmetic brush by dabbing on the pigmented area until you’re satisfied. For more obvious spots like a bruise, pigmentation, or freckles, KISS mineral Premium Concealer will be great to conceal the pigmented area. Use peach shades to conceal black spots and green shades to conceal redness.

STEP 3 – Now for the foundation!

Shake a very small amount of foundation powder into the cap of the jar. Just a pinch is enough. You can always add more later if you need it. For a flawless finish, apply the mineral powder in several thin layers. Never pile on your foundation – it won't look natural. So don’t start with too much powder on your makeup brush! In fact, start with less than you think you will need. Less is more! A good brush is important! In fact the brush will come into contact with your skin more than the actual foundation.

The KISS mineral Face Brush is of the highest quality; extremely soft and more hygienic compared to makeup sponge. The brush will enhance your look with our KISS mineral products by balancing out your skin tone, reducing blemishes and creating a nice soft glow but without any ‘heaviness’ on your skin. Dip the brush into the powder and gently swirl it to get the powder into the bristles. Tap the brush to remove any loose powders. Pressing gently but firmly, brush the mineral powder onto your face in continuous circular motions, working from the T-zone outwards. For the most natural results, blend into your hairline and along your neck too, working down to your chest. Repeat until you get the coverage you want, buffing until you get a smooth, even finish.

It takes practice to get this perfect, so a little patience goes a long way! When you’re done, wait a few minutes to let the powder settle. If you see any areas that need more attention, use a smaller brush to spot the area.

STEP 4 – Enhance your look

Apply bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and other mineral makeup the same way, swirling your brush and using light layers. Switch to different sized brushes as you need them.

Mineral makeup is very versatile and can be used in many ways. Use any of the available shades that suits your style for your cheeks and eyes. Or try combining them to express your individuality. Go wild, experiment by mixing the pigments to get your unique personal shade.

STEP 5 – The finishing touches

Once you have the look you want, brush on the setting powder. You’ll see how the makeup will become more vibrant and hold much longer. On top of that, it helps control oil and shine without drying out your skin

Extra-tip: If your skin becomes oily throughout the day, try applying the KISS mineral Premium Setting Powder (Crystalline) before applying KISS mineral Premium Foundation. You can follow up with another layer of the Setting Powder after applying the foundation. These steps will help your foundation last for the whole day.

STEP 6 – Complete your look

Once you have applied the setting powder, all you need to do is apply mascara and lipstick. There are great mineral-based mascara and lip gloss available in the market. Do check the ingredients list to ensure you’re getting safe and good quality materials.


Applying mineral makeup shouldn’t be a drag. You can have a lot of fun with it. Don’t be afraid to play, experiment and have fun finding the best technique for you! Get the most of your mineral makeup with these extra tips. 

  1. Get The Right Colour 
    Finding the right shade is one of the most important things to make your mineral makeup look natural. Mineral makeup sits on the surface of your face, so if it’s not the right shade it really shows. 

  2. Take A Test Shot
    Mineral makeup looks slightly lighter in flash photography because of its reflectiveness. So if you’re going for a night out, pose for a few sample selfies to make sure your makeup looks as good under a flash as it will in person. You may want to go a shade darker too if you know you’re going to take a lot of pictures. 

  3. Keep it Clean
    Keep bacteria at bay by regularly cleaning your brushes. You can use baby wipes to gently clean brushes after use. Wash brushes with a gentle shampoo and lay them flat to dry at least once a month. Good brushes can last long with the right care.



  1. Dampen brush with running tap water and lather gently with mild soap or facial cleanser. 
  2. Protect your brush by holding the brush downwards. Water in the ferrule (a ring at the end of the stick) may damage your brush.
  3. Rinse under running water until the water runs clear and the soap is thoroughly removed.
  4. Blot the brush well with a clean old towel and gently reshape it.
  5. Allow your brush to air dry flat on a surface.
  6. Protect your brushes from heat sources such as hair dryers, which may damage the quality of the brush.