Lets get to know about KISS mineral Powder Makeup

Warning - You are now entering the best part of KISS mineral Beauty and Beyond world!!!!!

BE READY to become fabulously beautiful naturally, safely and healthily.

If you are new to KISS mineral world of safe, healthy and natural mineral products; then let me start by asking you 3 simple questions to get you to reflect about your current makeup products. But if you are already a harden users of KISS mineral products then these questions does not concern you for you have made a sound choice for your makeup needs. However, the information contain below can gives you further peace of mind for using KISS mineral products. 

  1. What is your skin condition - Normal, Sensitive, Acne, Dry or Oily Skin?
  2. What is the cosmetic makeup brand you are using now and what is your experience with your current makeup?
  3. Do you know the ingredients contain in your makeup that you have purchased and their effects/benefits on/for your skin?

What is mineral 100% pure powder makeup?

  • Made from 100% pure naturally occurring minerals that are then processed into a super-fine consistency with pigmentation,
  • Won’t find in its ingredients any oils, harmful chemicals, animal and insect waxes, preservatives, synthetic ingredients and or bulking agents,
  • According to many industry experts, it’s lot kinder to your skin.
    • Due to the fact that the products are preservative-free, with inorganic and plant ingredients;
    • The ingredients’ particle size does not penetrate into the pores thus none of the ingredients will clog pores thus preventing breakouts of all types;
  • In fact it is so gentle on your skin that you can even sleep with the makeup on without fear.

What is Premium Powder?

  • Made in Australia from 100% Pure and Premium minerals mined and processed to the highest quality standards available - why we are confident to enhance your beauty and beyond no matter what type of skin condition(s) you could have.
  • Will be the only mineral makeup you ever need to own for the rest of your life to be healthy naturally without compromising your beauty. 
  • In Malaysia, our products is the only makeup brand trusted, used and recommended by medical practitioners for the last 10 years for taking your beauty and beyond safely, healthily and naturally. 

Why use KISS mineral 100% Pure Premium mineral makeup?

  • GENTLE ON ALL SKIN TYPES - Includes skin with rosacea, problematic and acne-prone skin, or skin that has undergone laser resurfacing and chemical peeling facial treatments.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR HEALTH - NO harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients to get into your body to give adverse side effects for your health. 
  • PREMIUM-GRADE MINERALS - Are inorganic, so it’s anti-bacterial and non-comedogenic. Perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skin.
  • NON-TOXIC ANTI-AGEING PROPERTIES - The pure mineral ingredients gives your skin a younger and radiant appearance, while minimizing fine lines and maintains youthfulness.
  • WATER & SWEAT-RESISTANT - It stays on even when you sweat. You rarely have to touch up your makeup provided you use the right technique to apply.
  • NATURAL SUN PROTECTION - Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide provides a natural broad spectrum sun protection from UVA to UVB and it is SPF 24.
  • CALMS AND SOOTHES SKIN - Contains Zinc Oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that calms and soothes your skin.
  • LIGHT AND LASTS LONG - Even during long hours, our foundation stays on and feels amazingly light after a long day.

Our range of KISS mineral powder products

  • Mineral Foundation - Skin-coloured makeup applied to the face
    • To create an even which helps in covering the imperfections,
    • Uniform the colour to the complexion to help take away most of the redness from an uneven complexion and breakouts,
    • To cover flaws, and sometimes to change the natural skin tone,
    • Some function as a moisturizer, sunscreen, astringent or base layer for more complex cosmetics.
  • Mineral Setting Powder - Translucent powder
    • To get rid of shine and set it to lasts a long time,
    • Blur out fine lines and pores,
    • Balance your skin’s pH for more radiant skin and matte finish – Perfect for oily skin.
  • Mineral Blusher - Colour powder
    • Brightens your complexion with a natural glow and lustrous finish
    • Provide a more healthy and youthful appearance
    • Enlivens your skin tone putting more emphasize on the cheekbones

What are the color range available for KISS mineral 100% pure Premium Powders?

MF4.5  MF07  

MF13M  MF17.5

Crystalline SP02 Just Think Pink (BL11) Sunset in Miami

For Asian skin tones – we would like to recommend start

  • For mineral Foundation - either Turn the Beige (MF07) and Moroccan Sands (MF13M) for they would blend naturally with your skin and also they are our internationally bestselling colors preferred by many.
  • For mineral Blusher – Just think pink (BL11) for it would give you a young, friendly and healthy look.

However, you are still the best person to decide which color suits you best; that would make you feel beauty naturally.


Is KISS mineral Premium powder right choice for me?

Only you can answer this question. How? Start applying our KISS mineral Premium Foundation for 14 days without applying or mixing with other makeup brands. And at the end of the 14 days experience and feel your beauty and skin condition.


TRY IT NOW!!!!! At the end of 14 days – let us know about your experience with KISS mineral Premium Foundation. We love to hear from you for we know based on our experience for the past 10 years, we know you are in love with it.