Beauty should come with no compromise. Holding on to the belief that everyone should have the choice and freedom to be beautiful by their own means, this is where KISS mineral comes into the picture. By creating a brand of clean cosmetics using only pure and natural ingredients, users are empowered with an alternative choice that fits their skin condition, values and lifestyle.

Starting out with an ambitious aspiration to develop the very first line of clean cosmetics with the purest formulation in the region, KISS mineral was successfully launched to remarkable success 12 years ago, touted as a revolutionary alternative to mainstream makeup. Certified vegan and cruelty-free with a non-toxic formulation, the brand quickly amassed a solid reputation for itself due to the incredible purity of the products.

Today, you may find an extensive collection of clean cosmetics products dedicated for the face, lips and eyes — every single product developed with KISS mineral’s signature formulation of 100% Pure & Natural ingredients. A first-of-its-kind cosmetic brand with universal appeal to any skin condition and all skin types, KISS mineral is proud to be the only reliable cosmetic brand trusted and recommended by dermatologists and medical doctors in Malaysia.


We aspire to be the leading clean cosmetic brand in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region offering 100% Pure Mineral Makeup. With a purpose to advocate products created in a sustainable and ethical manner, we want to empower everyone with a choice of safe cosmetics that are truly free from any toxic, chemical or synthetic ingredients.



To produce the purest, high-quality mineral cosmetic products without any compromise on health, safety and performance.


To be fully transparent about the processes, formulations and ingredients in developing our products.


To continuously push for innovation in the creation of quality products that create value for the consumers.


To deliver excellence in all aspects of the business, from product creation to reliable customer service.