Premium Mineral Foundation 1g

Proud of your natural beauty and want to keep the routine minimal?
Liquid foundation would be a choice for people who wants full and thick coverage to cover their skin flaws. There are some who looks good with it and others may looks cakey and unnatural. Conversely, powder foundation are usually used by people who likes lighter coverage to have a smoother, radiant but still maintaining the natural looks.

KISS mineral Premium Foundation is your ideal choice due to its finely milled and super lightweight powder texture. With non-comedogenic features, the foundation only adhere on the surface and able to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and pigmentation. Blending in the foundation into your skin tone is not a problem as it contains natural pigments from Iron oxide. As a result, your skin will look smoother, radiant and glowing as if you do not apply any foundation to enhance your natural looks.

WHAT is Premium Mineral Foundation?

Why use multiple when you can have a single product that complements your natural beauty?
KISS mineral Premium Foundation contains natural pigments from Iron oxide which helps to increase your skin radiance. Together with Mica your radiance look will be completed with a reflective effect, making you feel more confident with your skin. Since the powder is finely milled and super lightweight, using a small amount is enough to give you a natural and healthy look for everyday coverage.

WHY KISS mineral Premium Foundation?

Changing foundation from liquid to powder type? Interested but unsure of KISS mineral Premium Foundation?
Our Premium Mineral Foundation is different from others because it contains only pure mineral ingredients. As no harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients are used, thus the foundation is suitable for everyone including pregnant mothers. In the presence of Mica and Zinc oxide, their anti-inflammatory properties will help to calm and soothes your skin from any redness, sensitivity and breakouts. As a result, the safe and gentle formulation makes this mineral foundation suitable to use on all skin types.

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