Brush ON Block® Mineral Sunscreen

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A revolutionary mineral sunscreen in powder form with SPF 30 broad spectrum sun protection from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. Suitable to be used over or under any makeup application.

Formulated with premium-grade minerals and botanical extracts, the lightweight mineral powder goes wonderfully translucent on the skin for a natural shine-free finish.

Perfect for all moments

With KISS mineral makeup you deserve to have it all – clean and safe lifestyle & healthy and natural beauty. Why – so that you can bring your beauty and beyond without the fear of harming yourself, enhancing and improving your QUALITY OF LIFE including your generations to come. Our products assure to give you this peace of mind – WE PROMISE!!!

What’s in our Brush ON Block

Full Ingredients –  Titanium Dioxide 15% & Zinc Oxide 12%, Alumina, Boron Nitride, Chamomile Flower Extract, Green Tea Extract, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Iron Oxides, Mica, Rice Lipids, Rice Starch, Safflower Oil, Silica, Stearic Acid, Triethoxycaprylsilane.

Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

Brush ON Block® has a non-chemical formulation that does not clog up pores with zero irritation or skin reactions. Free from paraben, PABA, phthalate and oxybenzone.


How to Apply


Why you’ll love it

Weightless SPF Protection For Any Makeup

Beware of unauthorized/imitation products sold online. PNC Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is the Official Sole Distributor for Brush ON Block® Mineral Sunscreen in Malaysia. We have not appointed any other online distributors for this product.

If you have any doubts or questions about the authenticity of the product sold online, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-7727 2260 or send us an email at customerservice@kissmineral.com.

100 reviews for Brush ON Block® Mineral Sunscreen

  1. Wilson K.

    Great Product… Best bought from KISS Mineral, as they give a little pouch which was not expecting…. Kudos….

  2. NOOR F. (verified owner)

    Hye i still not using it coz i having difficulty used it , theres no powder on the brush, i have read & watch video on how to used it. Kindly assist

  3. Paveena J. (verified owner)

    The brush is soft and nice! It’s so easy to use, I bring it everywhere. My face feels good, no breakout whatsoever

  4. Rena S. (verified owner)

    It’s light and unlike other sunscreen, easy to apply and i really love how it feels on my skin. And it really works well! However i notice that after some time when my skin produce oil, and it mixes with the sunscreen I’ll look one tone darker and dull. Also, it finishes really fast and with the price being that high, i didn’t expect it to finished up so quickly.

  5. Jayamoni P. (verified owner)

    The powder created reaction on my skin

  6. Nicole C. (verified owner)

    Great, however, it not easy to get the consistency in term of powder out from the brush ON.

  7. Adibah M. (verified owner)

    Good. Its suite for travel
    Your face look natural

  8. Sulma S. (verified owner)

    I really love this sunblock as it doesn’t clog my pores.

  9. Sylvia G. (verified owner)

    The Brush ON Block® Mineral Sunscreen is very convenient and I bring everywhere I go


    This is my second time purchase on mineral sunscreen, easy to use and it won’t clog pores and get my face or body for sun exposure

    I put it on before my make up as a base to prevent clog pores for foundation because I have a sensitive skin. It really works, it do not clog pores

  11. Pei T. (verified owner)

    Protect my skin without harming, smooth and confortable after applying it, best choice for me!

  12. Ivy T. (verified owner)

    Very soft and natural finishing.

  13. Farah W. (verified owner)

    Lightweight and not oily.

  14. Chiam K. (verified owner)

    Its easily to inhale the powder. Powder brush head is abit hard to clean. It gives pimples if you use it a few times without washing.

  15. Wan N. (verified owner)

    I’ve started using this sunscreen early last year (2018). Since then, I’ve never look back. It is smooth and light on my face. I even apply it everyday without anything else before it.

  16. Queennie C. (verified owner)

    I feel like my pore can breathe even though I had already applied the sunblock , feel fresh every time when apply.

  17. Kasthuri Alangovan

    I’ve used this product for the past 1 month and I would have to say that this is the best! I used to use liquid based sunscreen before but it always make my skin oily by end of the day. Powder base sunscreen was the best invention ever and plus it being a mineral product makes it all the better! Thank you Kiss!

  18. Kasthuri Alangovan (verified owner)

    I was using the cream based sun screen previously and it always ended up making my skin oily. Powder based sun screen is the best that I have used and KISS being the mineral sunscreen is the icing on the cake. Love how it is compact and easy to use.

  19. Tiu K.

    very good quality.thank kiss mineral.

  20. Nicola S. (verified owner)

    It is easy to apply and non-greasy.

  21. Siti s.

    I love kiss mineral sunscreen.
    It is easy to apply texture soft to my skin does not clog pores.
    The size just fit my purse convinience to carry where ever i go.

  22. Ai C. (verified owner)

    Unlike conventional sunscreen,this sunscreen is in powder form,easy to use and not sticky at all.

  23. SUMATHI S. (verified owner)

    I purchasedbrush on block mineral sunscreen to apply over my regular sunscreen and makeup when I’m outdoor. So far it provides excellent sun protection and no rashes. It also gives a matt finish without looking ashy. Overall a good product. Will definitely purchase again

  24. Khairul Hazlina Khalid (verified owner)

    Yessss!! It is wonderful! No mess, easy application. I can apply it anytime anywhere. Quickly brush on sunscreen before i go in the sun. Fantastic!! ✨✨

  25. Kui F. (verified owner)

    Feeling very light and comfortable for whole day. Like it!

  26. Jaycee W. (verified owner)

    Good Quality product but difficult to dispense the powder through the brush

  27. Amy R. (verified owner)

    Love the packaging and light-weightness of this product as I travel a lot. It’s not a liquid so I can easily carry it in my hand luggage.

  28. shobana nadarajah (verified owner)

    So easy to use. My first sunblock on a brush

  29. Norazlisham Hashim

    Good product. Very fast delivery

  30. Sy Yong

    The best sunscreen ever I had used. Simple and quickly to apply. Save my time a lot

  31. Swee Choo Loh (verified owner)

    Very light weight and easy to apply

  32. Chai Ming Hor

    No sticky feel, easy to apply and very convenient for outing. Not oily

  33. Regina Hew

    I am like the foundation powder so much.it smooth and look nice after apply on it.
    This my second time after I am finish the first brusher powder.

    Thank you Kiss mineral for the good product!!

  34. Kuna Suntare

    I like it. Face doesn’t look whitish.

  35. Norhayati Ayob

    Easy to uae and suitable to me

  36. Pamela Dass (verified owner)

    Convenient to use and fit into my handbag

  37. Nikki Lim

    This brush on the go sun block is so easy to reapply and did not irritate my sensitive skin at all.. super love it. Will rebuy once finish

  38. Soultanova Elmyra (verified owner)

    I have a very sensitive skin and this sunscreen doesnt break me out. It also brightens up my skin when i apply it on which is great.

  39. Priscilla Loh

    The product was purchased for my friend as a birthday gift and she loved it especially the overall technology on the making of the sunscreen and the way to use it is so stylish. She is happy which makes me a happy customer as well.

  40. Nazatul Nabila Farid

    Really love the sunblock..suit with my skin condition..lipstick doesn’t dry my lip..

  41. Evelyn Lau

    Very light and natural on my skin.

  42. Harpreet Kaur A/P Jaswant Singh

    The sunscreen block is easy and light to apply. The lipstick colour is very natural.

  43. sitinor syahdu mohd shabry (verified owner)

    i really love it. so easy to apply after makeup.

  44. Ellani Dawiena Pardan (verified owner)



    very good product.

  46. WAN IZYATI AL EILLIA WAN YACOB (verified owner)

    The brush on block is dead easy to use! Highly recommended!

  47. Hai Lau (verified owner)

    Good packaging and fast delivery. The product itself is handy and easy to use. Most of all, I do not feel sticky anymore compare to traditional sunscreen. Love it!

  48. Adlin I (verified owner)

    Love how it is so easy to apply and reapply.

  49. NOORAFAIZAH ABDULLAH (verified owner)

    So easy to use. Just open the lid and apply to face. Worth to buy and use too. Definitely will repeat order again. The sunscreen suitable for my skin without any allergic reaction. Love it so much!

  50. Noor Hafizan Ahmad (verified owner)

    This is my first time experienced using the UV in powder form, unlike the previous item which is in a cream base. However, with this powdery base, it really makes my application goes smooth and easy to apply or re-apply onto the face when is required. Also, need not wait long for the next make-up steps. Convenience for travel on the go too.

  51. Kan Violet

    Very easy to use. No sticky feeling anymore 😉

  52. Zahidah Zakaria (verified owner)

    Love it so much.

  53. Elizabeth Lim

    i really lile the non greasy and light weigbt texture of the brush on powder.

  54. Yii Chang Lim

    nice product, easy to use.

  55. Nurul syuhada Md rani (verified owner)

    Good. Worth to buy.

  56. Cheryl Lee (verified owner)

    The the sunblock powder blurred out pores and flaws, but the quality of the brush is bad, it couldn’t pick the powder properly and application was a hassle.

  57. ROZILA RAHMAT (verified owner)

    Love it as it is easy to use and handy.

  58. NORFAIZA BINTI ABU BAKAR (verified owner)

    so far the best sunblock n sunscreen i have used.i already used for 3years never changed.

  59. chong angel

    good and will buy again

  60. Siti Sarah Mohd Salleh (verified owner)

    Love this sunblock in poeder form. easy to touch up during on the go. Contain powerful physical sunblock, zinc oxide & titamium dioxide.

  61. NAJAH MOMIN (verified owner)

    Overall satisfied

  62. Catherine Bong

    I love this promotion deal a lots. It really suit my need. BOB is superb. Love the brush too as it is soft. Meanwhile, for the foundation, I have yet to try. Hopes the similar promotion package will return.

  63. c/o Patmawaty Jubily

    Been searching for chemical free products. Glad I found KissMineral. Love Mr BOB, matte finish.. easy application. Brush fantastic.

  64. Hai Lau (verified owner)

    I started with the Brush on Block sunscreen powder and it is really good for me esecially I have oily combination skin.

    The powder foundation is good my skin type too and most important is after using it, I do not feel my pores are clogged like using normal sunscreen or bb cushion.

    However, the brush for powder foundation gave me some trouble and now I am not able to cover it up witht the cap.

  65. Beverley Jominit (verified owner)

    I love the brush part which makes application easy breezy. The fact that the sunscreen is in powder form feels light to the skin as if I’m not using sunscreen. No more oily residues on face and greasy feeling, yayyyyyyy!

  66. Christina Chong

    It was comfortable to use it on a daily basis and even feel great on my dry and combination skin..Thank you..

  67. Hasan Abdul Rahim (verified owner)

    It makes me look very natural even though there is brush on block powder on my skin, and it protect my skin from the sun. my skin did not turn dark even I did lots of beach activities during my vacation in Langkawi.

  68. aishah zohdy (verified owner)

    I skin is very allergic to sunscreens got very itchy and sunburn except for this one! Im gonna stick to this forever. Coz its hard to find one that suits my skin.

  69. Chia Shwu wei

    Good and nice. Love it.

  70. Nik Nur Izzati Tuan Sinuzula

    The lipstick primer gave me a good result by softening my lip crack & it was good if applied before sleep.


    Falling in love with Brush On Block as it is easy to use. As I am pregnant right now, all of these items are perfect for my skin! Super soft cosmetic brushes and the foundation suit my skin colour well.

  72. Shook Yee Chan (verified owner)

    Ease of use , convenient and give flawless look


    Sangat mudah diaplikasikan dan mudah dibawa ke mana-mana sahaja. Selain teksturnya yang ringan, BOB juga tidak menyebabkan kulit muka saya cepat berminyak.

  74. Suet Nee Ng

    Product was suitable for my sensitive skin. Doesn’t cause further irritation to my acne, and it has a natural finishing

  75. Carmen Yee (verified owner)

    The brush on block is good and convenient to carry in handbag. However the dispenser always get stuck after using for a short period.

  76. Yvonne Kong (verified owner)

    First time using sunscreen in powder form and love the feel and outcome of it.

  77. Wei Ling Lim (verified owner)

    Superb…I started using KISS many many years back, when it was newly launched in Penang & started at an organic healthy food store. Just like its original texture & everything works just perfect.

  78. Fifee Idris (verified owner)

    Lebih senang… not oily…No need apply a compact powder..its just like 2 in 1 suncreen plus compact powder..

  79. kim boey (verified owner)

    Hi. I will give a review on the mascara instead. I am a return customer of the sunscreen so needless to say, I love the product. Re mascara, I usually use Mary Kay & am looking for an alternative hence tried KISS mascara. Sad to say, it’s not as good as Mary Kay. I won’t be purchasing it again.

  80. Marie Lee

    I fall in love so much with this BOB as it is very easy for me to apply on at any time through out the day for my sunscreen protection. It feel light on my skin and reduce my oily look on my face too. Hope Kiss Mineral will have another big round of good offer for BOB soon.

  81. Nani Yunus (verified owner)

    Awesome skincare for my skin

  82. Nani Yunus (verified owner)


  83. maesara ismail (verified owner)

    suitable for acne skin and suitable for my skin.. i love it.

  84. Tammy Khor (verified owner)

    This sunscreen powder is convenient to bring in my back. The only downside, I couldn’t tell if I have already applied enough product on my skin as the powder is translucent

  85. Hui Jean Yap

    Satisfied � Lightweight sunblock, substitutes setting powder. Good for all day touch up

  86. A.m

    Very convenient and easy to use. Most importantly it doesn’t irritate the skin. As it is a powder sunscreen, it’s great for oily skin and especially for touch ups throughout the day. Thanks to the team for fast and neat packing, got it delivered in about 2 working days

  87. Leong Chia Yen (verified owner)

    Unpleasant. Makes skin feel it itchy.
    Makes wrinkles very much more obvious. Waste of money.

  88. Nelly Abd Halim (verified owner)

    Love it. Cover my dark spots. Easy to use. Quick and fast application.

  89. Siti Noorhayati Jamaluddin

    The best sunscreen… i have used it for 4 years.. trusted product and worth it…

  90. Nor faizah Mohamed (verified owner)

    This product best to use

  91. Christina Chong

    Love with the light texture, feel smooth and flawless on my skin..
    Will continue using Brush On Block Mineral

  92. Voon Min (verified owner)

    Love the idea that I could apply sunscreen at any time of the day conveniently. This powder sunscreen is non-greasy n chemical free.

  93. Voon Min (verified owner)

    Easy to attach to Mr Bob

  94. Nurzawani Miskon

    Feels very light on my skin. Recommended for those having oily skin.

  95. Noorulhana Hadzarami

    I love how convenient it is and how it doesn’t clog pores

  96. Nurul syuhada Md rani (verified owner)

    So good and so convenient. Easy to reapply the sunscreen even with makeup

  97. Jan Wong (verified owner)

    I just love the natural look n ingredients that I m applying on my face

  98. Nurul Adha Othman

    easy to refill to the applicator

  99. Nur Shahira (verified owner)

    Really love it ❤

  100. Elsie F.

    Like the brush on block. Convenient sunscreen on the go. easy to apply with just a few stokes with one hand.

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