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The right tools make all the difference — that’s why we design makeup brushes specifically for our mineral formulas. Whether it’s a big fluffy foundation brush or a super precise lip brush, you’ll be amazed at the difference these beauties make. Looking for a gift that’s thoughtful, luxurious and useful? A makeup brush set is guaranteed to please.


Specially designed to be paired with our signature premium mineral powder makeup, the short, tightly packed bristles deliver just the right amount of product for a seamless finish.

The Perfect Match For Powder Makeup

Embrace your inner artistry as you sweep this Premium Face Brush across the face. Designed with ultra-soft synthetic bristles for precise application, the end result is a gorgeous glow, just the way you want it. 

Why You’ll love it


Made From 100% Synthetic Materials

Ensuring minimal product wastage with the short bristle design, the Premium Face Brush is made out of synthetic hairs of the best quality.
  1. Start brushing on formula around the nose.
  2. Gently blend onto the rest of the face.
  3. Add extra coverage where it is necessary.
  4. Don’t forget to clean your brushes regularly.

4 reviews for Premium Face Brush

  1. Farizah Md Yunus

    Healthy and awesome products.. i already falling in love with it.. Use mineral foundation make me look glowing and confident.. now going to try the vegan lipsticks!!

  2. Eliza Sofea Mohamad

    Good & nice coverage

  3. Yong Zalifah Ibrahim

    I love to use it. The brush is very smooth and make my foundation blends well. A must have product!

  4. Christyn Yap (verified owner)

    It was easy to use. Falling in love with it !

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