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The only setting powder to suit any skin problem and all skin types. Made with only 100% pure Australian minerals, our bestselling Premium Mineral Setting Powder helps to minimize pores and shine while giving your skin a gorgeous matte blurring effect that holds makeup in place.

Perfect for all moments

With KISS mineral makeup you deserve to have it all – clean and safe lifestyle & healthy and natural beauty. Why – so that you can bring your beauty and beyond without the fear of harming yourself, enhancing and improving your QUALITY OF LIFE including your generations to come. Our products assure to give you this peace of mind – WE PROMISE!!! 

What’s in our Premium Mineral Setting Powder Full Ingredients : MICA | Calcium Carbonate | Iron Oxide | Ultramarine Blue
Made From 4 Australian Minerals
Calms redness of the skin
Oil absorber and contains moisture-absorbent  properties for lasting application
Increases the radiance of natural pigments
non-toxic and is for pigmentation properties

Why you’ll love it

  • DOES NOT CLOG PORES – Thus minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections
  • MAKEUP THAT IS CLEAN AND MINIMALISTIC – that you can sleep with it
  • GENTLE ON ALL SKIN TYPES – includes skin with rosacea, problematic and acne-prone skin, or skin that has undergone laser resurfacing and chemical peeling facial treatments. 
  • SAFE FOR YOUR HEALTH – NO harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients to get into your body to give adverse side effects for your health.
  • PREMIUM-GRADE MINERALS – are inorganic, so it’s anti-bacterial and non-comedogenic. Perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skin.
  • NON-TOXIC ANTI-AGEING PROPERTIES – The pure mineral ingredients give your skin a younger and radiant appearance, while minimizing fine lines and maintains youthfulness.
  • WATER & SWEAT-RESISTANT – It stays on even when you sweat. You rarely have to touch up your makeup provided you use the right technique to apply.
  • NATURAL SUN PROTECTION – Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide provides a natural broad spectrum sun protection from UVA to UVB and it is rated SPF 24.
  • CALMS AND SOOTHES SKIN – contains Zinc Oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that calms and soothes your skin.
  • ALL DAY MAKEUP – Even during long hours, our foundation stays on and feels amazingly light after a long day.
    • 95% shared that KISS mineral foundation reduces the appearance of flaws and imperfections
    • 99% shared that KISS mineral range of powder products reduces oily face conditions
    • 99% shared just in 28 Days, they can feel flawless, healthier-looking skin

70 reviews for Premium Mineral Setting Powder

  1. Zuraina Y. (verified owner)

    Best makeup ever.been used for almost seven years now..

  2. GRACE R. (verified owner)

    I’ve had sensitivity towards powders ..however after starting to use the mineral powder from here, so far there are no irritations …and its awesome to use.

  3. Kelly T. (verified owner)

    Good! Been using this for a few good years on my sensitive skin. If you can produce more environmental-friendly refill packaging, it’ll be great!

  4. Joey y. (verified owner)

    It’s good for allergic/pimples skin user.

  5. Suzana A. (verified owner)

    I very love this product….skin feeling light and not greasy I would recommend to close friends

  6. Farah W. (verified owner)

    This Premium Mineral Setting Powder is so easy to apply on the skin. It blends very well and prepare a good base before applying the Premium Mineral Foundation.

  7. Joey y. (verified owner)

    good for pimple skin

  8. Chin M. (verified owner)

    It was good. It blends smoothly on hte face covering all the pores, etc and make the make up long lasting and . It looks and feels natural

  9. Stephy H. (verified owner)

    Powder is very fine and smooth. Suitable for sensitive skin

  10. mimi a. (verified owner)

    i have been adviced by my demartologist to use kiss mineral. I love it so much as it feel smooth on my face and no breakout.

  11. Exuan P. (verified owner)

    Not bad, it blends in well.

  12. Wan I. (verified owner)

    It reduces my skin oiliness and doesn’t irritate my skin. Love it!

  13. Jennifer C. (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchase. It helps to reduce shine and cover pores on my face. Another plus point is, it is natural! ❤️

  14. Kelly T. (verified owner)

    Awesome! Good for the skin and feels.so light.

  15. Zuraina Y. (verified owner)

    Superb and really love it

  16. XIN W. (verified owner)

    protect our skin when make up

  17. NURHAFIZAH B. (verified owner)

    Really love this powder. Blend very well on my face. Worth the price and hope i can buy the bigger size in next purchase

  18. Chin M. (verified owner)

    it is very suitable to my sensitive skin and it keeps my skin looks natural. It makes my makeup long lasting. It is not sticky or oily, which is very good

  19. Norlida A. (verified owner)

    The best. Easy to use and a good travel companion

  20. Khairul H. (verified owner)

    Great product! It is lightweight and friendly to skin. It cover pores and most important it control shines!! It blends well with Kiss Mineral Foundation Powder that i bought earlier. End result-Skin looks smooth and fresh.

  21. ZUZAINI Z. (verified owner)

    I like it very much.

  22. Wong C. (verified owner)

    It is good and satisfy. I do not have to touch up my make up.

  23. Ivy T. (verified owner)

    I love this product because it works as a base before applying other powder and also good as a finishing after entire make up.

  24. Yin M. (verified owner)

    Very good. Worry free

  25. Husniyah Lutpi (verified owner)

    I use this setting powder to minimize my shining appearance on the t-zone. It works well and does not irritate my skin.

  26. Chin Ming Ti (verified owner)

    It was good, made my face not so shinny and makes make up more lasting

  27. Stephy Ho (verified owner)

    Suitable for my sensitive skin. Love it.

  28. Jennifer Chen (verified owner)

    Only product which my skin can tolerate

  29. Hamid Hafiizhoh (verified owner)

    Give an effortless finishing.

    Living on a fast lane..
    I just wish it could be as simple and portable as the brush ON block sunscreen.

  30. Norliza Mohamad Nawi (verified owner)

    Very fine material , gives better luminous with just little powder

  31. Nani Yunus (verified owner)

    very good and help me alot to control my oily skin especially on the T zone area.

  32. Nani Yunus (verified owner)

    Great…reduce my oily skin

  33. Serene Lee (verified owner)

    Not as good as its description since my face pores not covered yet it looks oily also. Before and After apply looks no difference.

  34. Kelly Tan (verified owner)

    I have been using it for years and it’s still good!

  35. Sam Siew Tan (verified owner)

    Good product

  36. Ashley Mcdenny (verified owner)

    This setting powder make my face skin look smooth and natural. Love it!

  37. Nora izma Abdul aziz (verified owner)

    my face look fresh, brighter and not sticky.really love it

  38. Esuan Yong (verified owner)

    I have sensitive skin and hard to find products as this This is an excellent choice.

  39. Ratna Dewi Bujang (verified owner)

    The product was very good.

  40. Rozana Zainal

    bagi muka yg oily skin mmg sgt2 baik. Lebih2 lg musim skrg yg wajib pki face mask, tidak perlu lg pki foundation

  41. MARDHIYAH NASIR (verified owner)

    Love the brush and the soft texture of the powder. definitely a must buy!

  42. Voon Min (verified owner)

    Kiss Mineral Setting Powder helps to reduce shine on my face and pores become less prominent. To me, Kiss Mineral Setting Powder is a must-have item on my list!!!


    Saya telah mengaplikasikan premium mineral setting powder selama 3 minggu. Hasilnya sangat memuaskan. Terasa ringan kerana tidak menutup pori di muka dan kulit saya kurang berminyak. Berbeza dengan produk yang pernah saya aplikasikan sebelum ini.

  44. Siamala Devi Ramasamy

    It’s easy peasy prep for face.. if anyone face clean without any scars really love it to use. Mine suffered with acne scars on both side check. Otherwise it’s totally awesome ��

  45. Joey yun (verified owner)

    good for sensitive / oily skin, i love it!


    Hi.. overall i’m very satisfied using this oily starter kit because it make my face less oily and less reddish.. Before this I already use only mineral foundation But when it combine with mineral setting powder, the effect is more powerful!No more excessive oil and blemish. I really in love with this product!

  47. Ching Wah Lim

    Bought this together with a 2g Mineral Foundation and been using it on a daily basis for weeks. Loving both the setting powder & foundation, and best is I noticed my breakouts on chin area has been calmed & reduced. Wonderful glow on skin. To control oil, I think a few times of setting powder application throughout the day is needed, as I only used in the morning and my skin is pretty greasy by noon (even though it looked naturally glowy more than greasy which I don’t mind). Will restock the foundation again.

  48. Wan Nur Alyani Wan Cob @ Yaacob

    I’m very fall in love with this product.Its very good and suitable for my skin.My face look ok especially when I applied mineral foundation.

  49. Noraini Abdul Aziz

    I can see the blur effect from the premium mineral setting powder and make my skin look smoother

  50. farah ibrahim (verified owner)

    My face still a bit oily despite after using the foundation… Maybe the outcome will be better for others…

  51. Hawa Mayati (verified owner)

    Very good product. Never regret to buy this product since it was so suitable with my sensitive skin. Will repeat purchase for my daily usage.

  52. Lai mun Foong

    Good product that does not cause breakouts. My skin less oily now. Hope to see further improvement.

  53. MARDHIYAH NASIR (verified owner)

    love it! going to stick to this

  54. Syazwani Rosli (verified owner)

    Very nice texture! Everyone should use it

  55. Adeline Lau (verified owner)

    It does what it says. My T zone would get terribly oily by mid day without this setting powder. It makes such a huge difference!

  56. Christina Chong

    The setting powder well balance my skin after applying the foundation, looks more glowing.. The brush is very light and easy to bring along..

  57. Kelly Tan (verified owner)

    It’s simply awesome!

  58. Tammy Khor (verified owner)

    My face looked radiant after applying kiss mineral foundation but after putting on this setting powder, the glow just disappeared. The powder smells weird and there are some black residues mixed inside the powder which can be seen after I pour it out into the cap. Couldn’t keep me shine-free for more than 4hours.

  59. Priscilla Jubily

    I love the setting powder, covers well on my oily area. I also use it as a primer for my eyes and I noticed that it is so much easy to apply my eyeliner with very minimal smudge. Setting powder makes it look fresh all day long without any crease. Highly recommended. So good

  60. Yee Von (verified owner)

    It does help me with my oily T-zone… especially with my nose area.. love it..

  61. Nargis Yasin

    Very exciting when apply on my face…look very natural n really feel confident…love it !!!

  62. Aznati Mohd Nayan

    Re-stock. A great 1st step to make up using Kiss Mineral stuff

  63. Anis Amalina Ismail

    This is my first time i’m using setting powder the texture and the finishing really good and no more oily skin..i love this product and soon will repurchase ❤️

  64. Zuraidah Binti Jimat Jimat


  65. Faizatul Hanim Matdin (verified owner)

    5 starrrrsssss!! Been using this since 2016

  66. Carolyn Fung (verified owner)

    The product is working as promised. Usually by noon, my T-zone will be very oily. But with the setting powder it is less oily and shiny.

  67. Christyn Yap (verified owner)

    Love it. No more oily face

  68. Christine Loo (verified owner)

    Wasn’t that great as it is hyped up to be. Overall, not impressed. Sorry!


    I have dark skin.. so when applied moisturizer & sunscreen.. i prefer not to aply compact powder so my skin looks greasy and dark. But with this setting powder… the problem no longer exist.. my face looks better than before.. the brush help me to apply powder easily on my face.


    It is good, the makeup stays on the whole day and sets well. Thank you.

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