For the last 15 years, KISS mineral has gone through thick and thin to uphold our philosophy of safe and clean makeup. Looking back, our very first powder set product that we launched was classic Premium Mineral Foundation, Premium Setting Powder and Premium Face Brush back in 2008, which transformed the lives of (more than) 200,000 users, today.

ROSE WHITE by KISS mineral

In conjunction with KISS mineral 15th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching our very own limited edition Rose WHITE by KISS mineral! And our limited #ICHOOSESAFE Anniversary Kit!

#ICHOOSESAFE Anniversary Kit

What’s so special about this new Rose WHITE?

ONE THING that makes it different – ROSE PETAL EXTRACT.

What can this extract do?

It has a powerful antioxidant properties (Rose Petal Extract)
  • It can strengthen skin cells, which in turn, can help regenerate your skin tissue, resulting in fresher and new skin cells. Early aging sign such as fine lines and wrinkles can be slow down with rose petal extract because the antioxidant properties will neutralize free radicals from sun exposure, giving you the anti-aging benefits.
It has a high moisturizing properties (Squalane)
  • With combination of Rose Petal Extract and Squalane as one of the (active) ingredients, your skin will be able to retain its moisture – it penetrates deep into pores and ameliorate your skin from within. Not only that, it also act as an emollient to prevent moisture loss, controls oil production by mimicking skin sebum, restores supple skin and lastly, it gives lightweight and non-greasy texture.
It has strong anti-inflammantory properties (Cynanchum)

Another powerful ingredient in this Rose WHITE is Cynanchum.  It has an effective anti-inflammatory properties; which means it can soothes and calms skin irritation effortlessly. So, everyone can use this without concern regardless of skin types. It is known to REDUCE inflamed and irritated skin especially those with sensitive skin.

Rose Petal Extract

Other than those mentioned above, Rose WHITE also contains Niacinamide – major contributor in improving skin defense. It can minimize pores, improve uneven skin tone, fades away fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten your skin. Oh, not only that, Niacinamide enhance appearance of dry and damaged skin by restoring skin elasticity AND promote production of ceramides for renewal and restoration of skin’s natural barrier. Other than that, this Rose WHITE also contains Boerhavia; act as a lightening agent where it improves uneven skin tone and reduces different types of hyperpigmentation spots.

And last ingredient that we want to highlight in this Rose WHITE is Titanium Dioxide; the contributor to your skin’s glowing effect. It has a great safety profile, and not only that, it act as a UV-filter agent to protect skin from UV radiation.

All those ingredients that we mention above is totally safe and natural; compatible for all type of skin.

Buy 2 Rose WHITE and get FREE #ICHOOSESAFE Anniversary Kit (while stock last).

Click here to purchase >>> https://kissmineral.com/product/rose-white/

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