After the start of Covid-19 that started in 2020, we noticed an “outburst” of skincare content online. Due to lockdowns and stay at home policy, we spend most of our time online. This is where the message of “having a skincare routine” easily reached to those who didn’t even have any skincare routine before.

Many influencers gave their skincare tips and reviewed tons of products onto their face, thus inspiring the audience to follow and starts their own specific skincare routine.

However, some of the inspired audience that has started their skincare routine ended up with skin problem. Well, understandably, they would think that their skin is sensitive but not because of the product itself. Little did they know that their skin is actually sensitized to certain ingredient.

Now, we need to truly understand the confusion and misunderstanding of these “sensitive skin” and “sensitized skin” conditions. This confusion must be addressed immediately or else it could be detrimental in the long run.

What is the differences?

We admit that skin response of sensitive skin and sensitized skin is similar to certain products or ingredients, but there are some significant differences. Firstly, sensitive skin is an intrinsic skin type whereas and sensitized skin is a skin condition. Now, that’s an obvious difference.

  • Sensitive skin

It is a genetic skin type that is hyper-reactive when exposed to certain ingredients, products, and even climate. In order to overcome the problem, you should consult with your doctor to exactly determine which actually triggered your skin and then affects your skin.

  • Sensitized skin

Sensitized skin is triggered when skin’s lipid barrier is weakened, resulting in rough, irritated and red skin. It can happen due to various reasons such as extreme exfoliation, certain skincare formulation, too many products, and even cold weather.

How to solve sensitized skin?

Most common tips by dermatologist is to avoid products containing alcohol, because it can dried up your skin and prolong sensitized skin. Once your skin is back to normal, then you may try to introduce one product at a time, and see how your skin reacts. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so please be patient and take your time.

If you ask us, we love to recommend WHITE by KISS mineral  as an exemplary skin moisturizer that gives you instant radiant and glow, perfect for those who love natural look.

How to solve sensitive skin?

Similar to sensitized skin, try to avoid products containing fragrance and alcohol because it can easily cause irritated skin.  It is best to look for gentle formulation that has been proven and tested for sensitive skin, as well as try to keep your routine as simple as possible.

Our recommendation for you would be WHITE by KISS mineral, KISS mineral Premium Mineral Foundation, KISS mineral Premium Vegan Lipstick and KISS mineral Premium Vegan Lip Primer.

WHITE by KISS mineral

Why KISS mineral?

KISS mineral is a market leader in medical prescript makeup product. It is created for all genders and skin conditions, even the sensitive ones. The formulation is gentle but yet powerful to beautify and improve your complexion over time.

Focusing on only 100% pure minerals and natural ingredients, KISS mineral has strived since the past 15 years and still passionate in providing you the Safe & Clean makeup -their philosophy that they held on till this day.

In addition of being vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, no synthetic colouring, no fragrance, no mineral oil, no petroleum, no synthetic preservatives and no gluten, you can surely use KISS mineral product without compromising your health while enhancing your beauty.

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Sensitive Skin & Sensitized Skin

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