Suffering from Dry & Chapped Lips? This Lip Primer Is Perfect For You

Chapped lips aren’t attractive, do you agree? If there is anything less attractive than cracked lips, it’s discoloured and cracked lips that can’t seem to go away!

We’ve all been there — constantly applying and reapplying a variety of lip balms and home remedies hoping for some comfort, but to no avail. But what if there really is a solution out there, a product that can finally relieve problematic lips, once and for all? Turn dry and chapped lips into the picture-perfect pout with one swipe of our Premium Vegan Lip Primer, a wonder product that moisturises, repairs and rejuvenates troubled lips in just 3 days!


Who should use it?

With its nourishing formulation, this lip primer is suitable for all lip conditions including those with cracked and chapped lips and beeswax allergy sufferers, no matter how sensitive. Especially for those who sit in an air-conditioned room all day long, our lip primer will keep your lips wonderfully hydrated, moisturised and soft.

How is it different compared to other lip balm products?

Unlike any other lip balm products, it is no surprise that our Premium Vegan Lip Primer does not change colour because in order to have that colour-changing property, certain chemicals need to be added into the ingredients. Only an authentic lip product that is made of natural ingredients would not have any colour-changing properties. 

What is the recommended usage for optimal results?

We recommend using it twice a day; apply once before you start your day and once more before you go to bed. Since our lip primer is also suitable to be used before bedtime, don’t forget to remove the residue the next morning! This should apply for every product we put on our skin. However, it is not necessary to remove the residue on your lip if you are about to have your meal. 

What is the lip primer made of?

We guarantee that our lip primer is made of natural ingredients that are safe for use! Formulated with a nourishing blend of botanical extracts and plant oils, the combination of shea butter, jojoba oil and castor seed oil among others deliver intensive hydration with healing benefits for your lips.

I’m excited to try it out! How should I apply?

First and foremost, do not push your lip primer too high as it is made free from heavy metals, and therefore, it may easily break. Then, fully glide it on your lips. When you start gliding it on your lips, do it with love. Do not press too hard. If you are someone who loves dabbing your lip primer, you may dab instead, but the same precautions apply.

Looking for an all-natural lip primer that hydrates and rejuvenates your lips even when you’re getting your beauty sleep? From as low as RM83.30 per item, grab yours today here and experience the most amazing lip transformation!

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