Men has larger pores and more prone to acne compared to women. This is because men sebum production is double that of women. As a result, their skin look oilier and shiny. WHITE come in handy to give MEN an instant fresh look with just 1 application.

What is WHITE?

A multi-use lotion composed of best skincare ingredients which gives an instant radiant and fresh look. WHITE will also lighten acne scars and pigmentation to give you even skin tone. In addition, niacinamide will allow WHITE regulates your sebum production and thus prevent clogged pores. When pores are unclogged, the size will reduce and acne hardly arises onto your skin again.

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Do you know?

Men generally are not concern about ingredients when choosing to buy cosmetic product. A common whitening product can be dangerous if we ignore the ingredients which may contain of mercury and hydroquinone. This is because they can lead to mercury and hydroquinone poisoning with terrible skin discolouration. At first sight, men hesitate whitening products because they think it symbolized feminine. Some may also think that skincare is not as important as grooming. Nevertheless, here’s why you should ignore the common whitening products and choose our safe whitening lotion.


  • Titanium Dioxide – Gives instant whitening effect and protect skin from UV radiation.

  • Squalane – Act as an emollient, mimic skin sebum to retain moisture and repair skin to restore suppleness.

  • Niacinamide – Control sebum production to promote smaller pores size and less acne formation.

  • Cynanchum – Provides calming and soothing effects especially to sensitive skin.

  • Boerhavia – Lighten uneven skin tone, acne scars and pigmentation, and provides soothing effects.

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Less appearance of acne scars up to 60% as fast as 14 days with twice application a day. Please note that the result may vary based on individual skin conditions. 

How to apply?

  1. Apply generously onto your face before sunscreen.

  2. Massage gently with upward strokes until absorbed.

  3. Apply morning and night, or when desired

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