Can Makeup Transform Your Skin For the Better?

  • As a beauty lover, have you always been struggling with troubled skin throughout your life?
  • Do you often find yourself hesitating before any makeup purchase, fearing it may further aggravate your skin condition?
  • And when you do wear makeup, it leaves an uncomfortably ‘clogged’ and oily sensation to the skin.

What if there is a solution to all these problems?

Makeup Formulated For Sensitive & Troubled Skin

Introducing mineral makeup with a natural, gentle formulation to suit all skin types. 

Made from 100% pure premium mineral ingredients, mineral makeup features the amazing

dual benefits of makeup and skincare in one product.


How is KISS mineral different compared to other brands?

Conventional Makeup

  • May contain only small amounts of pure minerals
  • Much of the ingredients used are harmful chemicals
  • Uses synthetic colouring and fragrances

Natural & Mineral-based Makeup

  • May contain only 20% to 40% minerals, while the rest are synthetic fillers
  • Mixed with other ingredients that may be harmful

100% Pure Premium Mineral Makeup

  • Consists of 100% pure premium minerals
  • No fillers, synthetic and harmful chemical ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

What Are The Benefits?



Our Best-selling Pure Mineral Products

Made from 100% pure premium minerals, our signature mineral products contain only several

essential blend of minerals and nothing else. Strictly no heavy metals, preservatives, synthetic colours, toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals.

Premium Mineral Foundation

Delivers a gorgeous buildable matte coverage to calm, cover and correct any imperfections.

Pro tip: Turn The Beige (MF07) and Moroccan Sands (MF13M) blend amazingly well on Asian skin tones.

Premium Mineral Blusher

For a pop of colour, this blusher offers a fresh vibrant hue with gorgeous matte sheen.

Pro tip: Just Think Pink (BL11) is perfect for a natural, radiant-looking flush for everyday use.


Premium Mineral Setting Powder

Brush this on for a radiant complexion with superior matte finish to set your makeup for lasting wear.

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